About Us

This website has been especially developed :-

  • For those who want to make vegetarian food at home but need some help to start up.
  • For Indians, who go abroad and don’t find the vegetarian foods/ingredients which are easily available in India.
  • For all my friends who want to eat vegetarian food in their daily life.

In my recipes I have tried to explore replacing the ingredients that are difficult to find, by using easily available alternates. I also have pages on Sabji-Daal, Daliya and all those delicacies that one wants to eat but does not find abroad.

I Have also added Nashta section in my site. In my recipes I have tried to use easy to find ingredients.

I am extremely grateful to my family for their support and patience. Without their support this site wasn’t possible. Site designed, developed and maintained by Bhupendra Fageria.

About Recipes :-

In my recipes I have tried to explain the complicated steps by explaining them in details. I think the recipes details are very for you. Still if you find difficulty in following the recipes, please feel free to contact me.

In this website most of the recipes are mild to medium spicy. If you and your family like spicy food then simply increase the amount of green chili, red chili, and garam masala. If you are a beginner, please be patient. If something does not turn out good, just do not get disappointed. Keep on trying.

Enjoy cooking!